Jennifer Emery

Based in Los Angeles. Travels internationally and open for bookings.

Jennifer (Zivolich) Emery is an award winning photographer, educator, published author and Interfit Photographic Brand Ambassador. She specializes in Commercial Portrait, Fashion, Celebrity & Lifestyle Photography & Video, and has experience as an Adjunct Photography Professor.  She conducts various photography workshops and speaking engagements across the nation including "Canon Live Learning" Seminars, and WPPI Photo Walks.  Her publications with Amherst Media include"Lighting Design for Commercial Portrait Photography”, and The Nude: Conceptual Approaches to Fine Art Photography , can be found on Amazon.

In an effort to support professional and emerging photographers, Jennifer co-founded the  "Arts District Los Angeles Photo Collective".  She is also an Actor, Voiceover Artist, Screenwriter, and Indi-Producer/Director. 





o   Interfit Photographic

o   ExpoImaging

o   Backdrop Outlet

o   LightBlaster

o   Amherst Media

o   Mel Pierce Camera

o   Delkin Devices

o   Freestyle Photographic supplies

Notable publications, Exhibits & Awards

  • The Nude: Conceptual Approaches to Fine Art Photography  - Author 2017  
  • ​​​​​​​Lighting Design for Commercial Portrait Photography - Author 2015
  • o   Pasadena Magazine - featured article & images - 2009
  • o   Los Angeles Center of Photography Faculty Exhibition 2015
  • o   Chocolate and Art Show - San Francisco 2016
  • o   Curator and exhibitor - ColorPop Group Photography Show - ADLA Photo Collective - 2016
  • o   Art for Art's Sake Exhibition - Millard Sheets Gallery - 2014
  • o   National Photo Award, individual Portrait - 2005
  • o   WPPI Awards of Excellence, individual Portrait - 2005
  • o   Pin-Me Up, Solo Photography Exhibition -2005
  • o   Zoom Too Exhibition - I-5 Gallery - 2003
  • o   Grace Ormonde Wedding Style online magazine, featured images - 2012
  • o   Article on photography - Financial - Author 2011