Photo shoot and Make-over Info & FAQ

About the deal:

What would you usually pay for a make-over including a hair cut, style and make-up? Probably upwards of $300. Your hair cut alone may be $90 - $120. Professional make-up can run $100-$150. You have already saved money with this deal. Add in a studio photography session valued at $500 and at $199 you have saved $465-.


Use this deal for any kind of portraits: Glamor, individual, business headshots, family portraits, pregnancy, new mom w/ baby, couples, engagement, sweet 16, senior portraits & more. MAKES A GREAT GIFT!


Info (scroll down for FAQ)



*30 minute professional portrait session in a studio set-up.

*One background choice with multiple set-ups and posses.

*Up to 4 people in the photo (but only one make-over is include)

*Online proofing web gallery. Retouching on one image.

*Your choice of image custom 8x10 print.

*Or custom iphone photo cover, or custom photo wallet tin.






*Does not include shipping. Retouching is not included except on one image. Does not include digital copy of images. (Full session disc can be purchased for special $150 (value $300).  Individual digital files, prints and products can be purchased for standard prices.



*Haircut and basic blow-dry style.

(Color may be added depending on schedule for an additional fee)


*Glamour or natural make-up application

(foundation, contouring, eyes, lips etc)

Does not include:

Tips are not included but encouraged.


*Does not include color, curling, chemical straightening, flat ironing or up do styling.


*Does not include False eyelashes but can be purchase on site for $5-

*Does not include facial art or appliqués. Does not include body make-up.


*Does not include shipping. Retouching is not included except on one image. Does not include digital copy of images.


How does a group deal work? This is a group coupon. What that means is we have to book a certain number of people per day to make it valid. If we don’t sell enough to run the deal, your money will be refunded.

Are there additional dates? Right now the two available dates are Sunday August 26th & Monday August 27th, 2012. An additional Sunday/Monday in September may be added. If you need a different date, we recommend you buy the deal and let us know you need a different date. If we don’t sale enough to have additional dates, we will refund your money immediately. Additional dates will probably be September 16/17th, 2012.

Can I have other people in the photo with me? Yes you can have up to 4 people including yourself. But the make-over is only for one person.

Can I pay part of this now and part later? No sorry, to offer 70% off, we need the full amount.

How long will the Photo shoot & make-over take? Your hair will take about 45 minutes. Make-up about 30 minutes and photo shoot about 30 minutes. Total of 1 hour & 45 minutes. To be safe we recommend scheduling out 2.5 hours.

I don't want my hair cut. Can I just get a blow-dry and style? YES! Just let us know that you only want the style service. The price is the same.

Can I get the digital images? Yes. A CD of all the images from the photo shoot will be specially prices at $150 (value $300), if purchased within 30 days of proofing. 

If I purchase the Image CD will all the images be retouched? No. But don't get retouching mixed up with print ready. All images will be color corrected and ready to print. Image retouching can be purchased. It takes about 30 to 45 minutes per image for a basic retouch and longer if the retouching request is extensive. Therefore, it cost additional. Prices usually range from $25-$45 per image, depending on your retouching requests.

Can I order extra prints an products like 4x6 prints, photo tins and other items on PBJ Candids' website? Yes.

How much do I tip? It is customary to tip 10-20% on the value of your service.  EG. For hair services, if the value of the service is $64-, we would recommend $7- to $20-. Same percentage for make-up. We also recommend a small tip of $3-$5 for the assistant that washes your hair.

For photography services at such a high value ($500) we recommend a dollar amount rather then a percentage. $10-$20- is suitable, and if you feel like it, 10-20% is very generous.

Do I have to tip everyone? No. And no one will give you the evil eye if you don’t. This is totally up to you. We appreciate your business.