The Photography Happy Hour

Where learning photography never tasted so good

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 11.29.51 AM With your hosts  

Jennifer Emery & Gloria Perez

Because after a long day of photography, who doesn't need a good stiff drink.

   "Honey-Honey" Ep#1     

"Honey-Honey" The Photography Happy Hour Ep#1"Honey-Honey" The Photography Happy Hour Ep#1

  Episode #1 Blog Post 

"Honey Bader Review" Ep#1.2    

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"Red, White & Blue Beauty Lighting" Ep#2   


 Episode #2 Blog Post

About the Hosts


J.emery_headshotJ.emery_headshot Jennifer Emery


Jennifer is the creator and Co-Host of The Photography Happy hour. She is a Professional Photographer, Educator, & Published Author. She also dips her feet in the entertainment world of acting, directing, and writing.

BA: Speech Comm in Narrative & Performance/Creative Writing - CSU Northridge

Find out more about Jennifer at & her IMDB page. 

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          Gloria Perez


Gloria is and Actor and Professional Mixologist. She Co-Hosts & creates all the cocktail recipes for The Photography Happy hour

BFA: Theater Arts - CSU Fullerton.

Find out more about Gloria at her IMDB page.

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