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Great Book to help with Studio Lighting    By: Jade Pondella "Jade Alayne" (Photographer)

·       This book is full of great tips and information on several different lighting techniques . It is also easy to follow along and retain the information.

Very down to earth and easy to follow! By Jules Bianchi (Photographer)

·       Jennifer's writing style is easy and down-to-earth. Her tips are practical and clearly well-tested! This is a great book for anyone who is interested in learning how to pose and light in both real-world and studio situations. I loved how the book is broken down into "bite sized" chapters that are easy to digest and understand.

Great Resource for Studio Lighting  By Rollence Patugan (Photographer and Photography Instructor)

·       As a photography instructor, I found this book to be a great resource for students or anyone interested in learning about studio lighting. The book is geared towards photographers who already have a basic working knowledge of the principles of photography including manual exposure. The book covers different types of light modifiers and how each can affect an image. The vital piece of information that I believe is very helpful to photographers at any skill level are the lighting diagrams included in each example. When learning how to design a lighting setup for a shot, these diagrams definitely give the readers insight behind the process. To this day, I either mentally or physically draw these diagrams before setting up for a lighting situation. The book covers a wide array of portrait setups from headshot to full body and single to multiple subjects. It also covers shooting in outdoor conditions combining the use of strobes with natural light. It is concise and it is easily a book you would want on your reference shelf as you will find yourself going back to it when starting out.

This book is filled with practical and easy to understand specific lighting techniques which can be used ...By Serena Montenegro (Photographer)

·       This book is filled with practical and easy to understand specific lighting techniques which can be used in a variety of real life shooting situations. It explains the technique in detail with corresponding images and actual technical info (ISO, lens, metering, etc.) and each set up has a schematic for those of us that are more visual learners. The set ups and techniques given are easily adaptable to varied situations and handy creative suggestions are given. More then just lighting, helpful snippets into running an actual photography business are thrown in to sweeten the deal. Every photographer should have this book as a reference for standard and creative lighting. Since the techniques are easy and incorporate equipment I already own, I have decided I need to get more creative with lighting in my own professional wedding and event work. Great book!

Lots of illustrative photos and an easy read! By Gabriella (Photographer)

·       I have had the great pleasure of taking a class from the author, Jennifer Emery. Not only do I love this book with lots of illustrative photos and an easy read, but if you are able to take a workshop from her, I recommend you do. She has an excellent technical skill set, is very creative and supportive.  Her love for photography is evident in this book!

I've had to become my own professional photographer out of necessity By DJ Kelly

·       This book helped me so much! I've had to, out of necessity, become my own photographer for posting on the web and am always looking for ways to improve my product. This book really spoke to me as it offers simple, easy to follow diagrams and photographic examples (in addition to the technical descriptions) which I can instantly refer to in getting a desired look.

Great Read! • By loveroflight  • Format: Kindle Edition

·       Simple, straight forward and easy to read. Great lighting examples and simple instructions to help you achieve, polished studio lighting. As a photographer, it's a great reference book to have on hand. Highly recommended!5

Helpful and easy to follow photography and lighting book • By Melissa Fargo (Photographer) • Format: Paperback

·       I loved this book for the range of situations covered in a very straightforward manner. So many situations are covered from portraits to lighting large groups that can be used whether you are working on a portrait that needs natural looking beautiful lighting or something more dramatic and commercial. Sections cover different situations with set up tips, equipment needed and diagrams. Also included are practical tips for real life working situations and what a photographer might be expected to handle on the job.

This book is Fantastic!! I think that photographers at many different ...By Ann Zboray

·       This book is Fantastic!! I think that photographers at many different levels can benefit by reading and following the well written instructions in the book. I have worked as a photographers assistant in the past having both positive and negative experiences. I love the way that Jennifer Emery breaks down all aspects of the job. While lighting is the primary focus, the book also delves into how to act professionally and organize a shoot. I have seen first hand many technically good photographers who communicate poorly with clients or models. Leaving a job with only a mediocre pictures as a result of poor organization from the start. This book gives you clear instructions on how to organize a job before you take your first picture and communicate clearly with everyone involved. And of course set up your lighting to create the exact look you are after. This will result in a better experience for the client, models and photographer as well as repeat business due to the positive environment that you created!

·       The book has easy to follow lighting diagrams with pictures to demonstrate the results. After reading the book I have a lot of lighting scenarios to try out and experiment with. While many photography books can be intimidating if you don't know the jargon this one is not. It is straightforward letting you know what equipment you need. Breaks the lighting down into repeatable steps. If you follow the instructions you will be able to re-create each technique that is covered. Overall I think that my own photographs will improve and have a more professional look to them. I highly recommend this book!

This book is a great practical guide to assist you while lighting your photography  • By Amazon Customer • Format: Paperback

·       This book is a great practical guide to assist you while lighting your photography. What I like most is the methodical way the book is arranged from the basic tools needed, planning and production, lighting techniques, and how to put it all together. What I found very useful are the diagrams that describe how lights and reflectors should be arranged to get the desired outcome. Beautiful photography examples accompany each lighting technique described. This is a "must have" guide for either the new or seasoned photographer.

easy to understand * By Michelle Love  * Format: Paperback

·       Effective, simply put, easy to understand.  And, lovely photos to illustrate the same.

Love this book! • By JerseyGirl * Format: Paperback

·       Great book!! Very readable and shows you to how produce your own shoots from start to finish. Jennifer not only gives you the tools to use but offers practical advice and tips. She breaks down a potentially complex subject into fun, creative, easy to manage material. Highly recommend it!!

Many different techniques for portrait lighting. • By DEREK GOES (Photographer) • Format: Paperback

·       I'm a photographer shooting portraits, weddings and aerial and this book keeps it simple on how to approach many different lighting techniques. Your able to use them to help develop your style in photography.


      A Lot of Good Practical Information * By bkoppen • Format: Paperback

·       If you are a interested in learning a lot about lighting for commercial portrait photography then this book is for you. Whether you are a professional or an amateur this book is comprised of a lot of really good information. Jennifer Emery takes a very straightforward approach and makes a complex subject such as lighting, easy to understand. She even includes a chapter of how to produce a commercial shoot complete with information on working with models, makeup and wardrobe.

Photographer's asset • By GS • Format: Paperback

·       Jennifer Emery delivers a great guide to studio and location lighting for the beginning and well heeled photographer. Her vernacular is friendly and easy to understand. The book contains visual aids that illustrate all of the lighting techniques described. She not only references tools and equipment, but provides great insight into the art of “production.” This book is a great and compact tool that can be easily referenced in the field and in the studio.